Tassel Mala Bracelet by Kuratif – Sandalwood and Amatheyst- Balance, Meditation, Deep Healing


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Kuratif mala bracelets are made from 8mm healing stones, crystals and seeds. They have been used for centuries in yoga, meditation, prayer, and intention setting

Each bracelet creates a grounded mind, body, and spirit and have been carefully handcrafted with love and intention in Bali

We use elastic making them lightweight but exceptionally well made to maximize durability, both men and women can use it and are an ideal gift for any occasion

Gemstones are certified by the GIA in the USA

Your happiness is our happiness.

Kuratif mala jewelry is handmade for both men and women with love and intention
Fair trade, 8mm healing crystals, seeds and stones
Bracelet is 7 inches long and from a highly resistant elastic for long lasting and durable fit
Eco-friendly cotton burlap and includes certificate of authenticity
Sandalwood and amethyst are used for balance, meditation, deep healing among other things