NPK 22 Inch Sleeping Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls Handmade Soft Silicone Babies Girl Doll Kids Birthday Gift Free Magnet Pacifier Dummy

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Type: cloth body with cotton, head and 3/4 limbs are made by soft silicone vinyl

Dimensions:55cm/22inch; deviation exists due to different measuring way.

Hair: hand-rooted mohair, smooth and can be washed

Nose: the nostrils are open, just like breathing.very realistic

Face: paited by our artist and it becomes some little pink blush

Nails:the finger and toe nails are also painted 100% by hand-drawn for that manicured, look redness of the nail bed and translucent nails

Skin: The skin is the most unique place this doll, designers will spend a lot of time to baby’s skin looks more realistic multi-layer manufacturing

Color: after special treatment, will not fade nor rub off.

Eyes: Taiwan acrylic eyes;blue or brown eyes, they cannot blink.

This reborn baby doll is 100% handmade craftwork

This is one kind of baby doll with beautiful clothes. /p

You also can wear them clothes as you want when you get them.

They all have a moist lip, which make you feel she looks so truly so that you…