Leather-n-dagger | Professional Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Skinner Blank Blade for Knife Making Supplies, Buy with Confidence) Great Gift LDB42


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OVERALL LENGTH: 7.50 INCHES (APPROX) – BLADE LENGTH: 3.40 INCHES (APPROX) – SHARPNESS: RAZOR SHARP (It can easily cut your arm’s hair. Just give it a try…) – DAMASCUS STEEL: 1095 & 15N20 – BLADE LAYERS: 256 TRUE LAYERS – BLADE HARDNESS: 58 – 60 HRC =========== HISTORY OF DAMASCUS STEEL: From 300 BC to 1700 AD Damascus steel was the high quality steel used in blades and it was famous for making strong swords so well-forged that it could bent under pressure without breaking, yet held an edge so sharp it could cleave a big piece of wood in half with only the force behind one arm. During Middle Ages Damascus steel was used to make swords and the art of making Damascus steel was considered as a secret. Then a time came when process for making the original Damascus steel was lost. But it emerged again though modern day Damascus knives are not made in the same way as the medieval Damascus blades. The reasons for this are obvious, as no one knows exactly how those blades were made….