Ikat Handmade Ornament Scarf Wrap Amulet Collection for Women and Men Barno Fashion by BLAGOO (Green Spring)


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Beautiful handmade ikat scarf wrap will be a great addition to your everyday outfit. Made of 100% natural cotton it feels great on your skin and keeps your body cool. Natural fabric does not heat on the sun.

Ikat is a trendy ornament coming from traditional Asian textiles. Such complex ornament is a result of a textile dyeing technique when the threats are dyed separately before they are woven into the textile. The particular ornament appears when threats are tied into bundles with waxed cotton that prevents some spots from coloring. Variety of colors provide for unique design and amazing combination of colors.

Scarf comes with stylish handmade bag, which can be used separately. Bag is enriched with a handmade ribbon, embroidered along the top of the bag.
Hand wash only in cold water (30° C max), handle with care – line dry, don’t tumble.HANDMADE scarf made by craftsmen using traditional oriental weaving technologies
100% NATURAL non-allergic cotton fabric feels great and does…