HzCodelo Handmade Journal Diary Notebook, Beautiful & Distinctive Artistic Hardcover With Real Flowers, Nature Inspirede, Perfect for Personal Notes, Diaries, Thoughtful Gifts, Art Collection,Color18


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Cover Size
L*w*H= 7.6*4.5* 0.6″
Paper Dimensions
34 sheets?68page?
A Unique And Artistic Notebook That Stands Out
Our notebooks will literally bring the beauty of nature in your everyday life. Their original artwork, made from real flowers is not something you can find anywhere else!
We used hard cardboard for our covers that doesn’t easily bend, and quality, thick paper that will keep ink on the same page. No annoying leaks between pages.
Pretty And Useful
Do your writing in inimitable style using our flower-covered notebooks. Allow your creativity to take place on the line-free pages, write your poetry, original thoughts or even draw. Your imagination is the only limit.
An Item For Your Art Collection
Even if writing isn’t something you do often, a notebook with creative compositions using real flowers is an art object fit for display. If you love small…