Handmade Traditional Dream Catcher with Feathers Hanging Decor Ornament ( with Betterdecor gift Bag)-4BLC


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Dream Catcher is a traditional culture of Native Americans. They believe that a dreamcatcher changes a person’s dreams.Nightmares pass through the holes and out of the window. The good dreams are trapped in the web, and then slide down the feathers to the sleeping person.Handmade Dream Catcher car or wall hanging decoration ornament and a gift bag with “Betterdecor” Logo on it
Color:Black. Material : Yarn,feathers and natural stone on the web.
Diameter :Top ring- 3.5″ ; the rest 3 rings -1.75″
Size ( please see additional picture): about 11″ from the top of the big ring to the bottom feathers; the hanging string is about 3″ . Total about 14″ in length.
Traditional room or car art craft !perfect gift ideas!