Handmade Sword – Samurai Katana Sword, Practical, Hand Forged, 1045 Carbon Steel, Heat Tempered, Full Tang, Sharp, Orchid Tsuba, Black Wooden Scabbard


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Blade: Fully Hand Forged, heat tempered , blade material: Carbon steel 1045 , hi(blood groove): Hi on each side , hamon(tempered line): Distinct real hamon hand polished on , edge: Sharp, hand sharpened by Japanese whetstone , tsuka(handle): Genuine same(ray skin) and black Japanese cotton into(braid) with menuki(ornament) , tang: Full tang with 2 mekugi(peg), engraved with black smith’s signature , saya(scabbard): Black lacquered wood with bamboo pattern inlaid mother of pearl and with black cotton sageo(cord) , edge hardness: HRC 55 , back hardness: HRC 45 , blade length (with habaki): 28.0″ , Handle length: 10.6″ , Overall length (with saya): 41.3″ , Weight(with saya): 2.7 Lbs. , weight(without saya): 2.1 Lbs.1045 fully handmade quality Japanese samurai katana sword
Full tang, sharp edge and functional
Approx. 28.3″ blade 10.6″ handle and overall 41″
Wooden handle wrapped with ray skin and black cotton cord
Black piano lacquered wood with black sageo