Handmade Preserved Flower Rose, Never Withered Roses, Upscale Immortal Flowers, Eernal Life Flowers for Love Ones, Gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve, Anniversary,Christmas, holiday present


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Color: Red

Product Size:
The rose is 1.6-2.0 inches in diameter;
The rose glass box is 4.7 inches in diameter;;
The rose glass box overall size is 3.9 * 4.5 inches;
The outer packing box size is 6.1 * 6.1 * 7.9 inches.

Shopping Guide:
The Preserved Fresh Flower is made through a special process, but it’s not a fresh flower. It retains some of the characteristics of flowers, but can not retain the fragrance of flowers, so the preserved fresh flower have no scent whatsoever.
All the preserved fresh flower series are handmade, no flowers are exactly the same in the world. So they may not as exactly same as picture.
If the flowers have very minor cracks, is a normal phenomenonin the processing and transportation process. perfectionist and obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferer can consider more carefully then decide to buy or not.

It can be kept for 3-5 years if in proper care:
– Don’t remove the flowers, flowers and glass box are two-in-one ; can not open.
-Keep away from humidity and direct…