Handmade Kaleidoscope – One Thousand and One Nights stories – Real color glass pieces inside

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This Kaleidoscope was designed for adults, not as a toy, but as a decorative item.
The colored images and patterns are similar to Mandala, and can never be repeated twice. A great tool for meditation. So it is an ancient path to your own Imaginarium.
Moreover, the kaleidoscope exercises eye muscles, alleviate eye strain, strengthens depth perception and peripheral vision.
The tube made of hard composition board which is ¼ inch thick, so it is not too heavy, but certainly sturdy enough.
Inside we use a metal prism.
The eyepiece is made of safe acrylic glass and protected by natural wood. The colored pieces inside are made of real glass, not from plastic pieces, which are dimmer.
The perfect business gift – impressive and stylish.
This kaleidoscope is decorated with pieces of colored stained glass. These pieces were treated using the fusing technique.
Here we use a complex textured pattern with mosaics.
Size: 10.25 inches.