Handmade Introduction (1) Monster Muppet for movie


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Recently, it is common to utilize CG when making movies on a low budget.

However, more creative persons can enjoy “fun to make things” is to utilize analog props.

In the first part of the work introductory series, we will explain the production process of “Monster Muppet”, which is indispensable for shooting B class monster movies, using over 120 photos.

Muppet is a doll that expresses movement such as opening and closing of a mouth by putting hands.
It is a technique that can be used not only as a comical doll in a puppet show for children but also as a realistic character in a movie, like Yoda of “Star Wars (1977)”, depending on the design.

Creation of Muppets is not a traditional crafting, etc, so the method to introduce is not the only correct answer.
Moreover, it may be unsatisfactory level from a person with a higher level of technical level of work or a person who can use expensive materials and tools.

However, by observing the work process of others, you can get lots of tips.