Handmade Folded Steel Blade Full Tang Samurai KATANA Sword 2048 Layers Sharpened


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Japanese Katana, one of Japanese Quintessence, is the product of worldwide unique specific forging craft. Obedience to Japanese traditional work craft, we produce katana and swords in different series, different style, and different usage.
Overall Length: 40.9 inch / 104 cm
Blade Length: 27.8 inch / 70.5 cm
Handle Length: 10.6 inch / 27cm
Forging Craft: hand polished, water to quench
Tsuka: hard wooden core wrapped with real Ray skin Samegawa and synthetic silk Ito; The Fuchi (sleeve) and Kashira (buttcap) are made from zinc alloy. The handle is fixed by two Mekugi(peg). Two alloy Menuki (ornament) are on both side.
Nakago: Full Tang
Blade: forged by 1060 carbon steel, folded 11 times, 2048 layers and has long Hi (blood groove) on both side which not only lightens blade and brings audible feedback when swung, but also can balance the blade to achieve optimal performance. The tip of the blade is a Chu Kissaki(medium length). The surface of the blade is like a mirror. And the…