For Samsung S6 Edge Case , T-Carbon Handmade Article Ultra Thin Luxury 100% Genuine Pure Carbon Fiber Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Cover With Gift Box (Glossy)

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Hand crafted, tailor made for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Made from 100% real carbon fiber material that provides sports car styling and luxury comforts

Super thin – for the user that wants to enjoy the Phone’s feel and beauty

Intelligent design offers complete access to all of the for for Samsung S6 Edge controls

New UV resistant feature prevents discoloration of the case under sunlight

The inside of the case is a clearcoated carbon fiber

Note that the gloss on the midnight black case is like a car clearcoat, and is prone to fine scratches. Just like a car, you can help to reduce these by waxing the case.

The carbon fiber material might affect signal reception depends on the signal strength at your area.

The Everyday Case

This case is for those who want something different.

Something unique yet practical enough for everyday use.

Our acclaimed Envoy Series brings just the right amount of class and utility and can fit into any social gathering.Handmade Article…