FangLanz Handmade Preserved Flower Rose Upscale Immortal Flowers Fresh Roses


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1. By selection of fresh roses, and then it is ultimately made into Preserved Flower Rose through a special process. Full retention of the characteristics of flowers, a symbol of forever love.
2. Transparent crystal ball symbolizes the ubiquitous love and care, to protect the delicate and charming rose and become the most beautiful companions of each single day to it.
3. No discolourization, don’t need water, no irritability, no pollen, Always like a flower to save three to five years; supple and shape, it can keep long time, and keep the simple sense of the flower, the average life expectancy is three to four years.
4. It will be perfect gift for marriage proposals,wedding,anniversary gift,valentine’s gift,birthday gift,mother’s day and father’s day gift,christmas gift or any special days.To show your endless forever love for him or her. Also ideal for home decor.
5.Eternal rose is very pampered, do not touch a lot,no water.Do not put outside, no sunshine. If dirt,use hair dryer…