Duovlo Flower Wreath Headband Crown Handmade Rose Floral Garland for Festival Wedding Necklace Belt Party Decoration (Pink)


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1.Material: silk flower,plastic leave and some accessories;

2.Color:blue,pink,beige and purple;

3.Size:flower crown diameter about 7 inches;

4.Quantity:1 piece Flower Wreath Crown;

5.Feature:Product may ship compressed – Primping of branches or leaves may be required to match the image shown.

Attention notice:

✚✚Please gently spread the item after getting it, in case of falling the leaves and flowers.

✚✚There would be accumulated dust if you put it in a place for very long time.You can use the hair dryer with cold wind to remove the dust.

✚✚If it was seriously dirty,you could sink it into salt water with high concentration for 10 minutes and then add neutral detergent and then rinse twice.

✚✚Due to the difference on sunlight ,displays,configurations and diverse opinions on color,color shading is inevitable.

✚✚Please don’t put it under strong sunshine.You’d better to dry it by the natural wind.Floral Hair Wreath diameter approx 7 inches(18cm).