DREAM BEAR® 100%Handmade Green Sandalwood Comb,Double Different Densities Beard Comb,Natural Fragrance,no Static,Use for Mustache & Hair+(perfect Giftbox Packaging).

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DREAM BEAR® 100% Handmade Green Sandalwood Comb.

Comfortable Natural Fragrance:
Natural green sandalwood fragrance eternal, but not pungent.when you smell it,which will make you relax.

The size of comb is small, you can put it in your jean or shirt pockets when you go out. It is convenient!

Beautiful Color:
Whit Natural green sandalwood it could change color in different light and temperature,sometimes are green, sometimes are yellow,and sometimes are dark.

Efficacy for Health:
Long time to use the green sandalwood comb can helpful to promote the blood circulation and improve metabolism give you a healthy body. Reduce your hair loss and boost it growth.

Perfect Gift:
You can use it to comb your hair or beard,and It is a best gift for offspring and husband and boyfriend(perfect Giftbox Packaging)

The way to identify green sandalwood:

Changing color:Natural green sandalwood mostly is brown. It will turn green in different light and…