Door Hanging Decorative Cotton Birds in Vibrant Color Stringed with Beads and Bell !! 5-bird Bell Tota Traditional Indian Hanging Decoration 2 layer


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Vibrant Stringed Elephant hangings makes the room colorful. Rajasthani, this stringed door hanging can be easily hung along with the curtain as an accessory or you can use a number of these strings to create a string curtain or partition. A colorful string holds 8 figurines of elephants, which are made of colorful cotton cloth stuffed with cotton. Each of them has glass beads in between. They are entirely handmade and have small bells attached to each figurine. Measuring 44″ in length, each has a brass bell at the bottom, which rings at slight displacement. So, splash color in your house with these colorful curtain strings.You are buying 2 ‘string’ of birds approximately 96 cm long ( 38″inches)
Traditional in Indian households used to welcome guests
Ideal door hanging, There are 5 Birds in one string.
Handmade, Fair Trade, Eco Friendly and Fun , An affordable gift , hanging birds are made of colorful floral filled with stuffed cotton
Actual Colours may vary from those shown due to the…