Bath Bombs, w/FREE Lip Balm Gift Set, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, from Enhance Me, Handmade in USA with Lush Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, ‘See, Smell, & Feel the Difference’


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  • Bonus – For limited Bath Balls time includes free Lip Balm.
  • Cruelty Free 1.9 ounce Bath Fizzies.
  • Make wonderful gifts for women or men. These lush bath bomb gift sets melt in your bath. They bubble and fizz making a wonderful experience.
  • Handmade with Shea Butter. Made of the finest Bath Salts. Organic Sustainable Palm Oil .
  • DROP THE (BATH) BOMB & ENDULGE! It’s a home spa experience like no other. Ready to pamper yourself -and- have it be good for you?
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – to pamper your senses as you moisturize and enrich your skin with good-for-you ingredients, like Shea butter – you may not need lotion after this enriching bath!
  • Please allow for some variation in color, size, scent and imperfections because these are hand-made.
  • Enjoy these relaxation gifts.

BETTER THAN LUSH BATH BOMBS: “I usually buy bath bombs from Lush, but I like yours better.”
Enhance, heal & enrich your skin with our bath bombs: natural collagen production – shea butter.
Enhance your lips too!…