Amulet bag and worry stone: red ~ One red hand made crochet pouch ~ and one red jasper worry stone ~ Ravenz Roost stones and handmade items


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one red amulet bag – hand crocheted with a strap, and one red jasper worry stone.One hand made red amulet bag with strap – color and size will vary as they are hand made this one is made with rico yarn and is tiny, I have 2 – one per order
One red jasper worry stone – each is unique – new pix shows bag and stone together -darker than in pix – sometimes a line goes through or they have a small imperfection
One bag and one worry stone per order ( new pix take time to load, if you want one with a small handle instead of a strap I do have those available) This next one is with rios yard and has a strap (no beads) I leave the starter strand inside so you can add beads to the bottom if you like
each bag is different as they are hand made, size will vary some are made from the rios red cotton yarn,(new pix) bamboo pop and others from a schachenmayr catania cotton yarn – this one is rico’s
I have more colors listed, and more to come