Alphaboard Changeable Felt Letter Board: Handmade 12″ x 18″ Premium Oak Wood Frame with 290 White 3/4″ Letters, Numbers, & Punctuation, Mounting Wall Hook, Vintage Style, Charcoal Black

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Vintage inspired hand crafted charcoal black felt letter board with 290 white letters, symbols, and numbers that can be used as home decor, business/work signage, a photography prop, a teaching tool, and much more — the possibilities are endless! Hand made from premium cut oak wood and high quality felt.12″ x 18″ Oak Wood Frame – Handmade frame made from pure oak that is the perfect size for almost every use.
290 Characters Included – A set of white plastic letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation in vintage font are included; each character is ¾”.
Charcoal Black Felt Background – Premium slotted black felt backdrop provides a snug fit and a dramatic contrast effect for the white plastic letters.
Wall Mount Hook – Comes with a wall hanging hardware mounting hook on the back so you can easily hang the letter board on the wall.