100% Silk Handmade Black Solid Color Tie Men’s Necktie by John William


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Why settle for cheap synthetic ties? Our John William Men’s Tie comes in 100% silk, one of the world’s most luxurious fabrics. Yet it’s affordably priced … far less than ordinary silk ties.

Pure Silk: Nothing Else Comes Close

You’ll instantly notice the difference. The soft, sumptuous feel. The rich, elegant sheen. No polyester or microfiber tie can compare!

Hand-Sewn Right Down to the Bartacks

Unlike machine-made ties, this premium necktie is sewn the time-honored way – with painstaking hand stitching.

Designed for Today’s Well-Dressed Man

It’s the perfect modern width (3.25″) and length (58″), and it comes in crisp, classic solid color ties that coordinate well with most suits and dress shirts.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, So Order Now!

Plus, don’t forget to stock up for your gift list.

100% Pure, Soft Silk: The preferred, premium fabric for finer men’s neckties.
A Great Value For The Price: Usually $40 & up at department stores for a silk tie this…