10 E-Track Wood Beam End Socket Shelf Brackets w/ E Track Fittings, For 2×4 & 2×6 in Truck, Trailer, Van, RV, Cargo Tie-Down Systems, ETrack Tiedowns for Custom Load Bar, Handmade Cabinet, Shelves


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These Best-Selling Shoring Beam Cargo Bar Wood Beam End Socket Shelf Brackets have E track spring fitting attachments that get inserted into a slot on any horizontal or vertical Etrack rail or single and are also compatible with the A-track trailer tie-down system.

With these top-quality E-track wood beam sockets, you can easily build handmade cargo tiedown systems for your vehicle – you can support plywood to create multiple cargo levels, bunkbeds, and custom cabinets and shelves, and you can screw 2″ x 4″ wooden beams into these Heavy Duty wood beam end sockets, then take advantage of the versatility and universal use of the E track tie-down system – press the spring lever and clip the bracket into an E-track slot. If you attach one of these sockets to each end of the 2×4 beam, you’ll have created YOUR OWN REMOVABLE CARGO BAR LOAD LOCK that ties down boxes, appliances, and other freight loads during transit and unloading.

Look at the 7th picture for a mechanical sketch that has…